Rabbit Braised in New Belgium Brewery Fat Tire with Lima, Heirloom Carrots, Kale, Leeks, Tomatoes




Recipe as best as I can remember/ write.

Un rascally rabbit
22oz Fat Tire beer
3 small farm fresh onions sliced from tip to stem
3/4 cup leeks
3 fresh garlic cloves, minced
3 medium yellow heirloom carrots, 1/4 slices
2 medium farm fresh tomatoes, large wedge slices
2 cups white lima beans par-cooked
2 cups julienned kale
5 tbsp butter (divided)
Olive Oil
6 springs thyme tied up
2 tsp fresh time leaves
1/3 cup parsley
salt and pepper

Heat 4 tbsp (half stick) butter in dutch oven, medium high heat.
Dredge rabbit in flour/salt/pepper, shake excess.
Sear rabbit, set aside.
Wipe pot clean. Heat Olive oil + 1 tbsp butter over medium low flame.
Add onions and leeks. Heat until translucent. Add garlic.
Layer par-cooked lima beans and carrots on top of onions.
Add tied sprigs of thyme.
Place rabbit on top of carrots.
Kale over top of Rabbit.
Tomatoes placed over kale.
Heat over low flame, covered for 2 minutes.
Add 22oz beer. Reduce to low simmer, covered.
Leave alone for about an hour.
Add salt and pepper, fresh thyme leaves and almost all the parsley, stir the pot.
Remove lid and continue to simmer until liquid is thick.
Plate with vegetables as a base, rabbit on top, sprinkled with parsley, and pepper.


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