So apparently you can’t really email Twitter. Other than tweeting to @support, how can I get my concerns out to them?

Look, Twitter, I get that you’re trying to figure out how to monetize your platform. Awesome. We all want you to make money so you don’t disappear or worse get bought by Yahoo someday. Please don’t make us all suffer and resent you in the process. This tokens deal? Are you for real?

For me, there’s just a couple things that you do poorly and Tweetbot does exceptionally well. I mean, overall your user experience is pretty poor since you redesigned it, but the following items are what drive me batty regularly.

For my usage, I use Lists all the time to focus on groups of people, places, events and thoughts. Through your website and your mobile platforms (iOS) you make accessing Lists extremely difficult. The one exception here is the OSX app. I find not many people are aware of the List feature. I think you should fix this and promote it as it makes the overall UX much more accessible. Look, here’s a list I made of all the businesses in my neighborhood, I think it’s one of the better things you have going for you

Multiple Accounts
Switching between multiple accounts is a chore on your website. I believe there are people out there who use specific applications specifically to author under multiple accounts. Why don’t you try to grasp why people aren’t flocking to your own applications and fix that stuff? Derp.


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