Suck it iOS6

This blog post will be updated each time I find an annoyance with iOS6.

  1. Updating to iOS 6 on my iPhone doubled my photo library.  I started with 3,500 photos and now i have 7,000.
  2. The new App Store redesign is not good.  Less content and harder to navigate.  Developers take note: Stop hiding content behind swipes!
    2b. I REALLY don’t like the new App Store.  Swiping is slow, you can’t see much content at one time, waiting for more content to load is slow.
  3. What the hell is up with the color changing top bar?  That’s just a horridly bad idea that will continue to irk me forever.  EWW!
  4. Really?  I still can’t delete unused pre-installed Apps?
  5. I do like the pull down to refresh mail but couldn’t you have left the refresh button too?  You’re going to confuse people be removing frequently used features.
  6. Maps.  Once Google releases their map app there will be no need for your inferior app.
  7. iMessages and Facetime. I haven’t figured out how to use these without the other user (a long time friend with all my contact info) asking me “who is this?”.  Plus their pointless without porting the tech over to Android and Windows.

More to come…

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