Skype updates to 5.8, Improved Mac UI? [update]

FUCK NO!  Of course not.  Skype CONTINUES to ignore user demands to clean up the worst user interface available on a Macintosh.  Below are screenshots comparing five communication applications I have on my computer sized down to as tiny as they will allow.  Messages, Twitter, TweetBot, Yammer, Skype 2.8 vs. Skype 5.8.  I mean, the fact that Skype 2.8 is the best UI in terms of screen-realestate-friendliness really makes Skype 5.8 look like a sad sac of shit.  I despise Skype and what they have done to my computer.



Okay, fair’s fair.  It turns out that after reading the release notes, which they never link to in the software update, they’ve “improved Contacts Monitor and you can now make your contact list more compact while using other applications“. I golf-clap their effort here for at least listening to the users (which just feels like me yelling all the time) but this is just a band-aid on the greater issue.  Here’s another screen shot.  The improved Contact Monitor is on the right.  Once you want to chat with someone though, you still have the hefty main Skype window to deal with.  Baby steps I guess.


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