So I got this typewriter….

I received an Underwood model 11 typewriter from my eBay win yesterday.  This got me thinking that I should write up a story about how I feel this need to balance my tech-forward career with antiquated, yet warm and fuzzy technology from the past.  For instance, I’m currently designing a graphic user interface for a twenty four inch touch panel to control all the audio, video, lighting, etc, in a client’s home.  While doing this in my home office yesterday, I had my Pioneer PL-12D playing an old Nina Simone record.  

Today, I came across this infographic about how much data gets moved around the internet each day.  The point of interest that made me stop in my tracks was that 294 billion emails are sent each day.  If you think of that from the US Post Office’s perspective, that’s a loss of $132.3 million a day or $48.2 trillion each year.

My mind goes in a lot of different places with this information.  How much of that is spam email? How many of those emails are truly vital messages?  How many of them are receipts from online transactions?  And how many of those 294 billion emails could have easily been sent over SMS or an instant message application?  

Then, how many of those 294 billion emails every day could have been typed out on an Underwood model 11 typewriter?


How do we determine if a message requires an email, an SMS, a phone call or a video call?  How much thought do you put in to the vehicle for your message?  Must you first imagine the potential length and complexity of the conversation?  Are there potential legal reasons to keep a record of your words?  Maybe you don’t really want to talk with someone but you’re mandated or morally obligated to do so?  

For me, I’m going to take a little more time to sit down and write, no, type my thoughts out on a typewriter.  What’s the worst that could happen, the message gets there in two days instead of two seconds?  I bet we could get over that delay for many of the 294 billion emails we send every day.

~ A


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