Why the Skype UI for OS X Sucks

This is just some really basic UI shit that Skype has vomited all over out computers for what seems like forever now.  I can’t stand it, it needs to be fixed.  I don’t think much explanation needs to be said about the following screenshots.  Nothing can be more obvious than Skype has bats doing their UI work.  I know some middle school art students who would do a much better job.  We can only hope that Microsoft acquisition of Skype helps this piece of shit along.  Isn’t that ironic.

Biggest complaint, the image below is as small as you can make the Skype window.  EFF YOU SKYPE!  While we’re here, Can’t you just show my the ONLINE contacts?


What about the Contacts Monitor you suggest?  Well, frankly, it’s a piece of shit and remains on top of all your other application windows.  Eff that!  It’s damn close to what Skype should look like though.

What’s with the star between Name and Status?  Hasn’t Skype every used AIM, Yahoo, MSN, etc?  Just give me a name and status.  Let me hide or move the Star, Tags and Locations!  Most OS X apps allow you to press COMMAND and click to drag these sorting options around.  See iTunes.  This is beyond irritating.  Also, when the window is closed as tightly as seen in the first screenshot, I can’t widen the column as you can with any other application I’ve ever used.  This means that my contacts name is cut short.

The screenshots below illustrate the wasted space found in the chat window.  This is space that plenty of other applications would love to utilize but no, I have to dedicate a 5th of my desktop to Skype.

In contrast, here is how Apple’s iChat looks like on my computer.  The biggest difference between these apps is Skype needs a keypad to place phone calls.  That’s absolutely no reason why Skype can’t be as compact and useful as iChat.




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