Windows 7 Networking Wishlist

Hopefully someone can inform me that I’ve missed a huge networking feature in Windows 7 that I’ve grown to rely on daily with OS X. The Apple OS allows me to click on the Apple menu and select a location with preset networking profiles such as “work” or “home”. The benefit to this is that I can very quickly change between different networking profiles with static IP addresses and VPN configurations. Our office has a very small IP pool that’s open to the outside world while all other addresses are locked down. Without having an IP address within this pool, I can’t use Skype to communicate with co-workers out in the field or even use a different email program aside from Outlook. At home, my other computers and network devices look for my laptop at a specific IP address. DHCP just won’t do in some scenarios.

So how can I achieve this simple two-click process in Windows 7?


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