A Twitter Trick for your Address Book

I’ve been griping forever about the lack of an address book within any decent desktop or mobile Twitter App.  Seriously, how the heck am I supposed to remember anyone’s username?  Well I found a work around that actually might be pretty cool.  This works with TWEETIE for Mac and iPhone. http://www.atebits.com/

The critical, but time consuming, part is going to be adding your tweeps to your OS X address book.  We’re going to add a tweetie:@user URL to your contact’s card and this will open either Tweetie for Mac or for iPhone.

Step 1 – Edit your VCard template to add a twitter field

Do this by going to Card > Add Field > Edit Template.  Then click on the plus mark to add a new field called Twitter.



Step 2 – Edit your contact’s VCard by adding a tweetie URL

Simply select your tweeps card and click on edit beneath it to type the tweetie@username URL next to their name.  Click on Edit again to exit the editing mode.


Step 3 – There is no step 3!  (Thank you Jeff Goldblum)

At this point, you can click on the URL in Address Book and Tweetie will provide you with a blank tweet to send off to your friend, co-worker, political figure, tacky actress or natural disaster relief fund.


If you’re using MobileMe and your Address Book changes are reflected on your iPhone, you can do the same thing.



No Address Book?

So maybe you aren’t using Address Book and you’re totally iPhone centric.  Hey, you might not even own a Mac but your iPhone is kinda sweet and what’s the point of iPhoning if you’re not Twittering.  Well this is for you.

The only difference here is going to be the lack of editing the template to make a cute little twitter field.  You can just fill in the tweetie:username URL in the homepage field instead.  The trick about all this is that the Tweetie application is listening for you to press anything that has tweetie: in it. 


So that’s about it.  Pretty simple really.  Let me know if that was helpful at all to you.

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