iPad impressions


So the iPad is pretty awesome. As I expected, it isn’t so much what the iPad is or what apps are available as much as the user experience. It makes computing a whole new animal.

Developers are quickly reprogramming their applications to take advantage of the larger screen real estate. Address Book, iCal, iTunes, iBooks are all outstanding applications on the iPad that Apple has recoded. Tweet Deck, Evernote, Netflix, YouTube, News Rack, Epicurious, BBC News and The Weather Channel are all apps that I’ve been using a lot on the iPad. They’ve also been recoded to deliver a better experience on the iPad than on the iPhone or even on a computer.

I’ve shared the iPad with a number of friends and family. It seems the killer app is video. That’s a bit unfortunate because depending on your wifi speed, you may be waiting a while for that lolcat video to download on youtube. Watching movie trailers in the iTunes movie store was slightly painful at my family’s house on Sunday but on my network at home I have very little problems. I’m thinking it’s because I have a 802.11n router.

Yup, the screen is magnet for finger prints. And it’s super glossy. Very very responsive though. I think it’s a better extension of your finger than the iPhone touch screen. Typing is a breeze! No, there is no built in cell phone – everyone thought it was hilarious to hold it up to their head, “Hello? Can you hear me NOW?!” Granted, it does look ridiculous but chill out people. Skype works might fine though, so yes, you could use it as a phone.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.


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