Thursday Night Tasting Menu @ Bar Ferdinand: 13 Plates for $35

Sitting barside at Bar Ferdinand; and a sample from Chef Michael Thomas’ tapas menu. [Photos by G. Widman (L) and courtesy of Bar Ferdinand (R).

Since Bar Ferdinand uses locally sourced ingredients in their extensive tapas menu, it’s difficult to cover exactly what they are serving day-to-day. Their selections change weekly, reflecting the seasonal availability of local ingredients.

A mainstay of their fantastic menu however, is the special Thursday Tasting offering. Thirteen small, made-for-sharing plates for $35, and for an extra $25, four wines, paired with each of the four courses.

Highlights from previous Thursday Tastings include sea urchin flan, house-made fettuccine with braised pork shoulder, and house-smoked trout sliders with horseradish crème fraiche. Yum!

Bar Ferdinand
1030 North 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123-1552
(215) 923-1313

This could be fun. May interfere with my demanding packing schedule though.


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